A Romanian Easter :Lamb Haggis – Drob de miel

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Postez reteta mai mult pentru versiunea engleza, sunt putini care stiu despre drobul nostru de miel, desi sunt destul de convinsa ca si mai putini care o vor incerca,mai ales cei de peste ocean,care nu prea inteleg de ce si cum putem sa mancam organe de animale.
Britanicii au ceva asemenator,dar ei sunt deja cunoscuti ptr multe feluri de mancare din organe.

organele de la un miel (inima,rinichi,ficat,limba,splina)
2 oua
2 cepe mari
1 lingura de patrunjel si marar,tocat marunt
1 lingura de ceapa verde (partea verde) tocata marunt

1 felie de paine
Se maruntesc  organele de miel cu ceapa,care poate fi folosita ca atare sau se poate cali putin. Se adauga untura si felia de paine care a fost inmuiata in apa si stoarsa.
Adauga sare,piper,patrunjel,marar,ceapa verde,ouale si amesteca totul bine.
Intr-o tava de copt de cozonac se aseaza stomacul bine spalat,cat sa acopere partea de jos si cele laterale ale tavii.
Se pune amestecatura din organe in tava si se acopera.
Se coace la cuptor cam o ora.
Se scoate si se lasa sa se raceasca inainte de a taia.
Paste Fericit!

If you’re not British you probably won’t get past the first ingredient. It’s a traditional Romanian Easter dish, but I can do without it. It’s the only time of the year that it’s made. The whole lamb is used for the Easter table, soup and roast are the other popular dishes.
The photo is from last year, I think I’d rather not be so traditional this time. I’ll try something new.

innards from a lamb  (heart, kidneys, liver, tongue, spleen)

2 eggs
2 big onions

1 tablespoon mixed chopped parsley and dill
1 tablespoon chopped green onion (green parts)
salt, pepper
1 slice bread

Grind the innards with the finely chopped raw or slightly fried onion, lard and crustless slice of bread (previously soaked and squeezed dry).
Add salt, pepper, chopped parsley and dill, chopped green onions, beaten eggs and mix everything well. In a well greased pan, set the washed lamb stomach so as to cover the bottom and sides of the pan with room to spare.
Arrange the ground meat mixture, cover with the sides of the stomach and bake.
When ready, turn onto a plate and serve with green lettuce.

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3 Replies to “A Romanian Easter :Lamb Haggis – Drob de miel

  1. Well I’m not a fan of innards but it’s good to stick with tradition right ? My English friend just brought me a can of Haggis and I’m afraid to try it 🙂 Hehe. Happy Easter & Have a great weekend!

  2. Spicie, I think I’ll say pass to the tradition this year…I’d rather have something that my kids will eat too. A can of Haggis? I had no idea they sell it in a can as well:))) Have a great weekend

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