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Chili paste with Sichuan peppers

Chili Paste with Sichuan Peppers

I came up with this mix after trying the Hungarian version. I can’t tell you what amazing aroma has after sitting in the fridge for about a week. Use chili oil if you want the extra hotness, but works fine with regular oil  too.

Ingredients for Chili paste with Sichuan Peppers

10 dried chili peppers
1 T Sichuan peppers
1-2 cm grated ginger
1 garlic head
50 ml chili oil

How to make Chili paste with Sichuan peppers recipe

Grind all the spices.
Mix with the oil and put the mix in a sterilised jar.
Refrigerate and use in Chinese dishes.
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  1. Oooohhhh Doamne, iar ma ispitesti cu aceasta pasta super hot! 😀
    Eu am facut saptamana trecuta (ptr prima data)dulceata de ardei iute si imi place fff mult, cred ca va ma trebui sa fac o portie 😛
    Apropo, ai facut vreodata dulceata de ceapa rosie?

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