Japanese spinach

Ingredients for Japanese spinach

(serving 4):
500 gr fresh spinach
2 T soy sauce
1-2 t instant dashi dissolved in 50 ml water
1 small package bonito flakes (katsuoboshi)

How to prepare Japanese spinach

Add water and salt to a big pot and bring to boil. When starting to boil add the cleaned spinach and boil for a minute. Wash with cold water and set aside to drain.
Meanwhile,mix the dashi stock with the soy sauce.
Squeeze all the excess water from the spinach and cut in 2 cm pieces.
Place the spinach in bowls,pour dashi with soy sauce and sprinkle with bonito flakes.

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    1. La noi chiar nu l-am vazut,poate in orasele mai mari. Totusi,ma declar multumita ca au inceput sa fie vizibile si pe piata noastra multe produse pe care acum 1-2 ani nu le puteam procura decat din strainatate.

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