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Daca nu v-am mai prezentat „ciudatenii” in ultima vreme ,mai ales din cele cu nume ciudate,cum imi plac mie,iata ca ma revansez si inca bine de tot:)) Umeboshi sunt muraturile japoneze facute din prunele ume, un amestec intre prune si caise si murate in otet si sare cu o frunza de shiso,care nu se gaseste la noi si le confera o culoare roz,dar se poate face si fara ,dupa cum am descoperit. Se poate face si fara ume,am reusit cu …ia sa va vad,ghiciti?…cu corcoduse!Am facut o cantitate mica,intrucat am experimentat,dar acuma stiu ca se poate  face si la noi,poate la anu’ deschid fabrica:))

0,5 kg de corcoduse verzi,care de abia incep sa dea spre galben
70 gr de sare grunjoasa
1/2 cana de otet alb sau otet de orez sau shochu

Se curata corcodusele de codita si se spala. Indepartati fructele lovite,patate sau stricate.
Se scurg de apa si se intind pe un prosop de bucatarie ca sa se usuce.
Se pun corcodusele intr-un bol de plastic mai mare si se amesteca impreuna cu jumatate din sarea.
Se adauga otetul ,se scutura vasul si se amesteca,apoi se adauga cealalta jumatate de sare.
Se pune o farfurie peste si se adauga o greutate…eu am folosit o caramida,infasurata intr-o punga.
Se lasa cateva intr-un loc intunecat si racoros. O sa vedeti ca iese un lichid ,care se numeste umezu sau otet de ume.

Dupa o saptamana (e nevoie de mai mult la o cantitate mai mare) se scot afara prunele si se lasa peste zi la soare sa se usuce,iar noaptea se baga inapoi in umezu. Se continua trei zile cu acest proces,apoi se pun intr-un borcan cu umezu.
Se pot consuma dupa o saptamana,dar e mai bine sa mai asteptati pentru o aroma mai buna. Tine si ani intregi.


Finally,my recipe for umeboshi has arrived. I have to thank Nona for this,she guided me on Facebook how to do it and I stirred her curiosity as well,if it could be done this way. I’ll try it again next year with a smaller version of apricots,I think I’ll even make some umeshu. Shiso is recommended in umeboshi,it’s not available here,shochu,same problem,so I had to be resourceful and I was so surprised that it worked out.
I made a small batch,since I was doubtfull it’d work and now I’m sorry. These are the plums I used:

0,5 kg or 1 lb green (that just start to change color) plums or ume plums if you’re lucky
70 gr coarse salt
1/2 cup white vinegar

Remove the stems from the plums and the ones that are not perfect (spots,blemishes,cuts ,anything that doesn’t look perfect)
Put the plums in a large plastic bowl,with a flat bottom and mix with half the salt.Add vinegar,toss and add the rest of the salt.
Cover with  a dish and place something heavy on top of it. I used a brick to weigh down.
It’s supposed to stay in a cool dark place for 3 weeks but since I made just a small batch to try I thought one week would be enough.
You’ll see a liquid forming,which is umezu,meaning ume vinegar. Remove the plums,dry in the sun during the day and return to ume night time. Repeat three days.
It will keep for years in umezu. Enjoy!

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21 comentarii la “Umeboshi”

  1. Mihaela,eu incerc sa pun retete usoare si accesibile,ca sa aibe toata lumea sa incerce bucataria asiatica. Din cand in cand,mai pun si ciudatenii care imi lipsesc…eu incerc din toate,macar o data.

  2. Daca ai stii cate am bagat in gura ca sa-i descriu gustul si ca am si inghitit un sambure:))) preponderent sarat si acru,dar cat de acru nu pot sa spun ca eu mananc si lamaile ca pe mere:))

  3. OMG you are amazing! My mouth watered by looking at your Umeboshi (it’s typical reaction to most Japanese). I love umeboshi but haven’t had it for a long time until this time my mom brought it from the airport store! Yes, you are a pioneer!!!

  4. Wow, you might be a Japanese in your past life!lol I’m Japanese and LOVE umeboshi & otsukemono! I live in a small city of Midwest US, so always looking/trying the Japanese recipes online to make. I already found few recipes for making umeboshi, but I can’t find fresh green plums here, so no luck. Maybe trying to use regular plums(not greenish), but don’t know if I can make what I want.

  5. Karin,it was quite ok to help a umeboshi crave,the one thing I’d like to make is umeshu,but cannot do it without shochu. Fortunately,more ingredients have become available online. Please share with me if you succed in making some recipes.

    1. Cine cunoaste stie cat de pretioase sunt astfel de produse,daca reusim sa le reproducem in Romania. Ai dreptate,frunza de shiso se foloseste in Japonia,am fost si eu surprinsa sa vad ca am reusit sa obtin si culoarea. Acum,daca as putea face si umeshu de casa ar fi perfect!

  6. Superb!!! Si mie imi plac umeboshi!!! Poti face si cu gust de miere….sau katsuo…..sau shosi!!! O super idee!!!

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