Orange Cake

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Orange Cake

Ingredients for Orange Cake

For the cake: 6 eggs,6 T sugar,6 T flour, orange zest from one orange
For the cream: 600 ml sweetened cream, 2 oranges, vanilla essence
For the syrup: 300 m orange juice, 100 gr sugar, orange zest from one orange

How to prepare Orange Cake recipe

Separate the eggs,beat the egg whites with the sugar ,like for merengues. Mix the yolks with the grated orange zest and add to the egg whites. Add the flour and fold,with a circular movement,to hold the volume of the egg whites.
Pour into the form and bake in the preheated oven for about 30-40 minutes.Remove,let cool and cut twice.
Mix the syrup ingredients. Beat the cream with the vanilla and clean and cut up the oranges.
Brush the first slice with the syrup,add cream and orange bits. Cover all the cake in cream and decorate.
Cool in the refrigerator.

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