Pickled watermelon

I don’t know if you’re familiar with pickled watermelon, I came accross this when visiting my grandparents. They’d pickle them while they’re still small and not ripe yet. So what to do with a rather pinkish watermelon was cut up? Don’t let the editing fool you,it was quite pink though still sweet. So I went ahead and pickled it!

watermelon slices
1 T salt to 1 liter water
2 T white vinegar to 1 liter water
fresh dill sprigs

Cut up the watermelon and put the pieces in the jar.
Mix the water with the salt and vinegar and stir until salt disolves.
Put the dill sprig  and leave in the sun for 4-5 day. Occasionally,move the jar a bit.
It can be kept for the winter as well,in the refrigerator, in plastic containers or in jars.
Of course,you can eat it right away too,but it’s a real treat to have it in the middle of the winter.

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17 comentarii la “Pickled watermelon”

  1. Si ai mei puneau printre muraturi din cei mici ramasi dupa ce se „spargea” bostanul 🙂 Am gasit si eu o reteta de coaja de lubenita (sunt olteanca, asa vorbesc :)) si am murat, dar am pus multe condimente si din pacate zace in frigider, condimentele impreuna cu lubenita murata nu imi plac foarte tare.

  2. O, doamne, ma ia cu ameteli! Ador pepenele murat dar n-am mai mancat de multa vreme. Noroc ca se duce sora mea de sarbatori la parinti si imi vor trimite un butoias plin cu pepenasi, abia astept!

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